Steve Donahue is a bestselling author who has sold hundreds of thousands of copies.  His book coaching methods can help you achieve your dreams too!

Steve is your personal book coach, writing coach and publishing consultant. He doesn’t sell a “one size fits all” online course or system. Steve is your expert guide and constant companion on the journey to write, publish and promote your book.

For over twenty years Steve has been writing, publishing and coaching. He specializes in working with authors through all phases of a book’s life from conception and outlining to publishing and marketing.

Steve has been traditionally published, both with and without an agent. He has negotiated foreign rights sales directly with overseas publishers. He is currently self-publishing the English version of his second book while negotiating a traditional publishing deal for his third book.

Steve is also one of the world’s leading authorities on Narrative Intelligence and a much sought after motivational speaker.


Steve Donahue offers wonderful advice and guidance which is incredibly helpful, but even more than that his most meaningful contribution to my growth as an author and the improvement of my book has been his unending support, with warm, motivating comments.

Christopher Shorrock, R. Psych, CSAT

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